donscorgie (donscorgie) wrote,

Back from GUADEC

Figured I should join the flood of "back from GUADEC" posts appearing on p.g.o. GUADEC did indeed rock. I returned yesterday around 4pm (stupid train connections). I managed to watch the Grand Prix (which I had the foresight to record) before flaking out for 13 hours. Then, this morning, back to the real world. Still tired though. Figure it'll take me a few days to get back on form.

Some random notes on happenings:

  • Met some fantastic people. Was quite impressed a few even recognised my name and knew what I do :)

  • I did my talk, which I thought went pretty badly. Teach me to write it the day before. Teach me to actually listen to The Fearless Leader when he speaks of what he knows. [0]

  • Managed (hopefully) to convince Joe Shaw to rewrite Beagle to use Rarian. The entire way through, not just the documentation back-end, joining Tracker (hopefully). [0.5]

  • Also nice to see a (solitary?) KDE developer wandering and seeming interested in getting Rarian into KDE (please? Pretty please?)

  • Like most others, I managed to pick up a cold which, thankfully, seems to be abating a bit. My cough has nothing to do with the cigarettes, obviously.

  • Contrary to popular belief, I am a Doctor, I just don't play one on TV [1]

  • Got back to discover my second monitor has died. I'm now back to single-monitor mode. I don't know how people survive. A new monitor is now high on my list of priorities. [2]

  • Watching the Grand Prix, I was glad to see we weren't the only ones to be hit by the freakishly heavy rain.

[0] Footnotes rock
[0.5] For the people pestering me about why it's on evil proprietary Google Code, it'll be moved over to freedesktop soon, promise.
[1] No, I don't get it either, but 3 people told me this. It might also explain why people seem to photograph me everywhere I go. Or maybe that's just 'cause I'm great.
[2] Possibly right up there with "laptop"
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