July 16th, 2008

Post GUADEC blues

Returned from GUADEC on Monday, to crash-land back at work on Tuesday. *sigh* back to the real world. At least, here it's a little cooler. Cool enough to handle no air conditioning. I like cold.

It was awesome [1] to see everyone again, as well as meet tons of new faces. All the talks I attended were great. Everyone had new ideas they'd love to see, and a lot of that rubbed off on me.

A few notes for those braving Istanbul:
* But water. Lots of it. All the time.
* Crossing roads means taking your life in your hands. Best avoided by not crossing. Ever.
* There doesn't seem to be any closing times for ... anything. This can prove dangerous if you're there for more than a day.
* The Turkish Coffee is a must. As is Apple Tea. As is a Nargila. Even if you don't smoke, it's great to sit around and smoke one. At least try it.

And a few requests for GUADEC organisers for next time:
* If you're organising a heavy night (see Boat Party), please don't organise keynotes for 10am. Try 11am instead.
* If you're organising a heavy night at a club (see Google Closing Party), ensure the beer is decent [2], and the DJ understands to play quiet, background music [3]

One final request. Can we move GUADEC to the middle of winter and hold it in Finland / Sweden / Norway? Did I mention I like cold?

I might post more later. But not now.

[1] Apparently the word of the year. I blame Firefox and it's awesomebar
[2] Or at least beer
[3] Or at least at a level slightly below "standing next to an atomic explosion".