July 9th, 2008

Speed Blogging Live From GUADEC

As I wait for people to start, I shall do a drive-by blog post.
* Some people can be really different when they've had a drink. You haven't lived till you've heard <censored> [1] in a tirade of swearing. He knows who he is.
* OpenOffice is driving me insane while trying to write a presentation.
* As ever, I'm / we're looking for people to hack on my / our projects. If you're around and would like to contribute to yelp, rarian, labyrinth, documentation, FoieGras or anything else related to documentation, find me. Or come to my talk.
* Last night, I decided on having the "quiet night of GUADEC". However, after visiting 2 bars, we found random GNOMEies on the steps of the hotel and I stayed until 3am. That's going to be torture for the next few days.
* On the plus side, after a shaky start the wireless seems to be good now.
* Vuntz, as ever, is my hero. No explanation, he just is.

[1]: Someone, still censored, who ISN'T Karl Lattimer. He asked me to tell everyone to stop asking him. It wasn't Lefty either.