April 1st, 2008

Labyrinth 0.4

(Posting my message to gnome-announce here, so people can rejoice)

After a long wait, the next version of labyrinth is now available.

Labyrinth is a mind-mapping tool for the GNOME desktop (and beyond!).
This version can be found at
(once the mirrors catch up)

The release consists currently of the source tarball. I'll leave
packaging up to others. I will be working to make the Windows version
usable again soon. Sorry for the delay.

This release is due entirely to the two new maintainers: Martin Schaff
and Matthias Vogelgesang, who's awesome work has resulted in enormous
changes and many bug fixes.

As ever, if you want to get involved, visit the mailing list at:

New Features:
* Scaling and scrollable canvas (infinite sized maps!)
* Add support for text attributes (bold, italics, underline and font
selection )
* Arrow navigation of thoughts
* Support foreground and background colouring of nodes
* Import and export "labyrinth files" for maps in the form of tarballs
* SVG export
* PDF export
* Save browser window state across instances (UNIX build only)
* Bundle of optimisation work
* Selection using bounding box
* Add crude Windows building support
* Searching in the browser window

Bugs Fixed:
* So many bugs fixed. Only important ones listed.
* Auto-save maps every 60s (issue #64)
* Create intermediate dirs for savedir (issue #50)
* Links don't disappear any more (issue #62)
* Exception fixed when saving an empty map
* Show a thicker border if there's extended info on a thought (issue
* Check pygtk version before importing it (issue #82)
* Fix incorrect movement undos on occasion (issue #80)

* de (Matthias Vogelgesang)
* fa (Pedram Azimaie)
* it (Francesco Fullone)
* pt_BR (Leonardo Gregianin)
* ru (Alexandre Prokoudine)