January 28th, 2008

Random Update

Because I don't have enough to do [1], I've been looking at the SoC projects, known as FoieGras. For those not bothering to click the link, FoieGras is supposed to be a WYSIWYG editor for Mallard XML files. This poses a few interesting problems. The first is that the Mallard XML format isn't completed yet.

Anyway, enough rumbling. The SoC projects for FoieGras was split into 2 parts: The textbuffer and the appshell. The textbuffer ("Tags") concentrated on parsing Mallard XML and blatting (a technical term) it into a textbuffer to display. The appshell concentrated on building the actual UI which would house the buffer and deal with interaction. Both these projects worked spectacularly and the results have been sitting in GNOME SVN for a while, in 2 separate branches. Not any more! I spent a few hours last night playing with things and produced the first mating between the 2 components:
The first merge
(The first merge, scaled down)

It's pretty rough around the edges, but it's a start. The code is now merged into the trunk of foiegras for those wanting to play with it [2]. Oh, and a while ago we decided to rename the project. You know what to do...

Coincidentally, we had a visitor into #docs today looking to help out on FG, which is nice. As always, if you want to help out on this, or any other GNOME doc team project, let us know... [3]

Finally, to the person that shouted "GNOME sucks!" at me in the middle of London on Saturday (!), I forgive you ;) Though El President may wish a few words. Until next time, stay groovy maaaaannn!

[1] Plus, a full-time job
[2] build and install using "setup.py install", run from the src directory using "./start-foiegras". This will load and show the "testing.xml" doc.
[3] email the list: gnome-doc-list gnome org, IRC: irc.gimp.org - #docs