November 5th, 2007

Long time, no blog

Wow. Long, long time since I've written anything. Been busy at work. This work thing - it still surprises me how much it takes out of me every day. Spending all day every day hacking is really cool, but it really does drain you. Other than that, myself, my brother and a mate visited Poland (Krakow), which was ... heavy and resulted in a spectacular injury (not me, my brother). Other than that, it was pretty rocking. I like Poland.

I shall also introduce a couple of small laws (?):
1. Anyone that's ever written anything for Windows is an idiot.
(Note: This isn't flamebait, it's an observation. That wasn't even made by me. I just like the wording and the misanthropy of it. If you think I'm flaming, try writing Windows drivers and see what people do, then argue with me.)
2. Any and all software will lie to users. No, really. Unless you wrote it yourself, assume the software is lying to you.

And on those notes, I'll depart and try and get back into hacking again.


(2 blog posts in 1 day? I think I need a lie down).

Just perusing p.g.o, I realised I still don't have one of those new-fangled hackergotchis. Therefore, if someone wants to make one for me, there are a couple of photos available: Source 1 and Source 2. I'll start earning my keep now.