June 28th, 2007

Annoyance and Request

Annoyance: The "maximise" button being right next to the "Close" button. I know I could (probably) change the theme, but I like the one I've got. I know I could double-click to maximise, but I keep forgetting it. There are some applications I sometimes maximise, sometimes leave running in a smaller window. The number of times I've accidentally hit "close" instead of "maximise" is getting beyond a joke.

Oh, and while on the subject (and related to the next part), what is up with Emacs maximise on Windows? Don't know whether it's Emacs or Windows, but sometimes, it'll ignore the panel and expand past it. You can also move the "maximised" window around. I've never seen another program behave like it. (I put this in to see how many people shudder at the thought of Windows ... running Emacs? Shudder).

Request: Who wants to volunteer? Can someone produce an unholy alliance between Emacs and libvte? i.e. a *shell* buffer that uses libvte? That way I could have the power of gnome-terminal at my fingertips when using emacs and I'd never have to leave it again. Bwahahaha. The world would be mine!!!

(and for the hundreds of responses saying "You should use vi", I say bah. You shall be going straight to /dev/null, not passing go, not collecting 200 $CURRENCY_UNITS)