June 26th, 2007

I return

Hello there. I'm back from my trip. Thought I'd share some pretties with you.

First, for those that didn't know (i.e. probably most people that are reading this) I was graduating on Monday. Obligatory photo:
Me!  Graduating!
The lovely lady with me is my mother. No, she's not a midget. I'm too tall. She's actually normal-sized ;) So, that's it. I'm now a (real) doctor (unlike those fake ones that try and give you pills and such). And, yes, that is a kilt I am wearing.

No sooner had I returned than I discover my article has now been published: linky, which made me happy.

Finally, and on a slightly more relevant (only just) note for those reading through p.g.o, I found this on the side of a drinks carton, which made me smile.
Innocent Bottle Goes Open Source
A full image of the carton side can be found here. It's nice, isn't it? It's from an Innocent Smoothie, which is the greatest drink ever made. For those that haven't tried it, I strongly recommend it. It's expensive (£2.95 for a 1l carton), but really, really worth it (and good for you). If any Innocent people find their way here, do I get free smoothie for promoting you? ;)

Oh, and for other news. Spoon was renamed to Rarian (think of the library name to get the pun [1]), and proposed to replace scrollkeeper in GNOME 2.20. Hopefully a new release soon. I've been busy doing the Yelp rework at the moment, so haven't really had time to work on labyrinth. It's still in my mind but on the back-burner again (sorry). One of the new features (which hasn't landed yet) is html export. An example can be found at this link. It's done using TiddlyWiki, but needs a little more work before I land it.

[1] If you still can't get it, it's librarian. Which is fantastically appropriate. Thanks to reader Patryk Zawadzki (Hope I got that right) for the name.