June 11th, 2007

Dear World,

I'll make you a deal:

I won't subject you to my terrible music is you don't subject me to yours. In particular, on public transport it'd be appreciated if you would use these magical devices called "earphones". I know it's a novel concept, but some of us don't like listening to you're music.

(Yes, I am getting old and crotchety, but when someone else's music overpowers mine, when mine is through earphones, it starts to grate somewhat)

Anyway, on with the competition. Spoon is shaping up well and last week, it hit a special milestone. It can now emulate scrollkeeper successfully. With that in mind, I'm really looking for a new name for it. Something slightly more descriptive than "Spoon". So, here's you're chance to be famous by coming up with a new name for it. I've been playing with "libdocmd" (lib doc metadata), but it's easily confused with "lib do cmd". Anyone come up with something good here? I might even throw in a beer at GUADEC. Email me / leave a comment, ping on IRC or answer on a postcard with you're suggestions. The name should reflect the fact that the library is designed for documentation meta-data access. The only other rule is that it can't have scrollkeeper in the name. Bonus points for any puns.

Anyway, I'm back off to listen to some more terrible music.