April 11th, 2007

Little help


I have recently come into a problem. While working on spoon, I have felt the "need" to incorporate man page metadata into the mix. Unfortunately, each and every system seems to handle man page metadata in a different way. Therefore, I need to collect some information about the usage in different situations. So, are you running a *nix that isn't Ubuntu Feisty? If so, please consider helping me out by running this script and emailing the results file (spoon-man-info.txt) back to me [1]. The script doesn't collect any personal data. It only collects the /etc/issue data, whether the manpath program is available, whether the MANPATH environment variable is set and the locations of mandb index files (whether they're in specified locations). No identifiable info is collected.

I'm ideally looking for any and all *nix systems, where (e.g.) GNOME 2.20 would be expected to run. This includes: any Linux distros (except Ubuntu - I've got that one ;) ), *BSDs, Solaris, Mac OSX etc.

Hopefully, I can gather a nice clear picture of what's needed to get Spoon man-page metadata working. Also, if anyone knows whether mandb can handle / currently handles localised man pages, I'd love to hear...

[1] Don [at] Scorgie [dot] org. In the email, please mention what system the results are from (in case /etc/issue doesn't give useful information)
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