January 31st, 2007

Attn: Non-important notice

You know that feeling when you see roadworks and you wonder why they take so long to finish? I'm starting to get a sense of that with my life. Getting everything done is more complicated than it should be.

Anyway, the reason for posting: I have accepted a proper job, making me feel all grown up and stuff. As of the 19th February I shall (hopefully) be a Design Engineer at Imagination Technologies, which is pretty cool. Alas, this means more disruption and non-hacking for a few more weeks as I find somewhere to live near London and figure out what the heck is going on. It also means I have to give up my beloved Blueyonder email address, something I've been dreading for several years now. My new email address is (as of about now) Don at Scorgie dot org. I'm slowly making my way around all my subscriptions and switching them over. My other addresses (if you know them) will still remain. My Blueyonder address will still work until (probably) Friday, after that it'll be shut down.

That is all.