January 24th, 2007

Back for the Time Being

Well, I'm back from my travels. Over the last 2 weeks, I've travelled about 2660 miles (4300 km), which might not sound much but by train seems to take far longer than it should. For reference, that's Edinburgh->Oxford->Aberdeen->Edinburgh->London->Edinburgh->London->Edinburgh. Anyway, out of this trekking, I've managed to get one job offer and one "we're just waiting to get the final go-ahead before giving out our offer.". By the end of the week (i.e. in 2 days), I have to decide which of the offers to take (I know which one I'll probably take).

So, onward. Thanks to Nokia / whoever suggested I was worthy of receiving a developer discount for the N800. My order is in (using my brothers credit card, bah) and am looking forward to receiving it :) Yes, I'll be looking into getting labyrinth running on it (along with all the other work to do on it).