January 10th, 2007

New Year, New Dawn

Belated happy $HOLIDAY_PERIOD to everyone.
Just to bring everyone up to date on my life over the last month or so (since I'm sure everyone is interested)...

  • Home for Christmas, which was excellent. Got a new kilt jacket, which is all fancy and shiny (well, not shiny exactly), as well as a couple of excellent books

  • My youngest brother, Duncan, got engaged on Christmas Eve. He's 22. Congrats to him and Gordana (which I hope I've spelt correctly).

  • On Christmas day, my other brother, Gus (or Angy as he seems to call himself these days), returned from 2 1/2 years travelling around Australia / Africa. Brilliant to see him again, even if it did mean a 4 hour (round trip) drive to pick him up from Glasgow Airport.

  • On 29th Dec, I travelled down to Stockport (Manchester) for a wedding. Congrats to Colin and Helen. Note: wearing a kilt in Manchester is still an interesting experience.

  • The same time, I met with an old Uni friend, Kate, who I discovered is also getting married (what the...?). Congrats to her and Ant. She managed to invite me to the wedding because (in her words) "she needs someone in a kilt there. Plus, I want to see what's under it.". Bah.

  • For Hogmany, it was off to a little cottage in the middle of Perthshire (Rannoch) with the family. Consisting of 12 of us, which was nice, even without internet access. Even with a long walk up about 2/3'rds a mountain (where the snow reached thigh-deep and we turned back).

  • Had a few heavy nights in between times. The best (or worst) was several days ago, where a huge gang of us went out to a club and I smacked my head on a beam. Its amazing how much blood can come out of a head wound. Anyway, I now have a great big scar there (on the top of my head) to remind me to duck.

  • Yesterday morning, I (once again) gave up on the nicotine sticks and placed one clear patch on my arm. Yep, I'm giving up smoking. Hoping that by making this public, it'll force me to actually give up properly.

And so, onto the future...

  • This morning, I have a phone interview for a really interesting and cool job, which I am starting to get nervous about.

  • This afternoon, I get to travel by train to Oxfordshire (8 flaming hours) for another job interview tomorrow (all day style) for a different job. Again, pretty cool sounding.

  • On Friday, I'm heading back up to Aberdeen for another weekend of debauchery. Well, maybe not completely, but a (belated) Christmas meal.

  • Next Monday, I get to go on my travels again down to Watford (near London) for yet another interview with yet another company.

So, for the various people that have sent me emails and are looking for responses, I promise to get around to them soon, although, it will be into next week before I get around to it. Also, due to this hectic schedule, any hacking on Labyrinth, Spoon, Foie Gras and Yelp are on hold until everything calms down. At some point, I'll put up some photos. Maybe. If you're lucky (since no-one knows what I look like and I need a hackergotchi for p.g.o).