December 3rd, 2006

Calling Documentation Newbies

A word from Joachim, as sent to the doc list. He's asked me to put this up on the planet as well. Want to contribute to GNOME, but aren't a programmer / want to do something a little different? Here's you're chance.

Calling any potential documentation writers...

I've started tagging some of our documentation bugs
with the 'gnome-love' keyword. These are pretty basic
fixes that will help you get familiar with the tools
and with messing about with DocBook.
Instructions on how to go about providing a patch for
these bugs are on the wiki:

Ask on the docs mailing list if you need any help.

In addition, the doc team also hangs around on IRC (#docs on We're friendly really. Want to ask questions or lend a hand, either come by on IRC or let us know on the mailing list ( A list of some (but probably not all) documentation gnome-love bugs can be found using this bugzilla link.