November 6th, 2006

I feel left out

Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Brian Capon. the system and control director at
the NATIONAL WESTMINISTER BANK.I am writing this letter to solicit
for support and assistance from you to carry out this business
opportunity in my bank.
My request for a foreigner as next of kin is
occasioned by the fact that the customer was a foreigner and a British cannot stand as
next of kin.

This makes me sad :( How low do you have to be before spam rejects you? (I kid, I kid)

The eBay ones are fairly impressive now as well. Receiving 2 in a row that looked pretty real. All looks very correct. All images came from eBay site itself. The only link that went to the fake login site was the "Respond Now" one. Every other link went to the real eBay page. It also, brilliantly, included the following:

Learn how you can protect yourself from spoof (fake) emails at:

Anyway, enough trawling though my spam folder (all 5412 messages). I'm off to do something more productive.
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