October 10th, 2006


It seems this Labyrinth thing is starting to take off :)

  • The mailing list is starting to see quite a bit of activity, with people suggesting ideas and starting to get into the code.
  • Today, the first bug was filed.
  • Due to popular demand, I've put up a deb file (instructions on the web page).
  • I've spent a little time and put together a checklist of features for a 1.0 release.
  • Labyrinth received its first translation - you can now use it in all its glory in Russian (in SVN or the deb package above)
  • It seems as though Sting is so impressed with Labyrinth he's decided to name his new album after it ;)

In between answering all the fan mail, creating deb packages, fixing problems, looking for a job and clearing all the spam, I've even found some time to work on the actual code. At the moment, I'm still playing around and none of it is fit to be committed to SVN yet, but I now have some more solid ideas on how to progress on several fronts in labyrinth. If you want to get involved, please let me know.

In other news, Spoon is (temporarily) on hold for various reasons. Hopefully, some good news on this at some point soon though.
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    Fastball - Fire Escape