October 7th, 2006

Labyrinth 0.2 released

For those that don't know yet, I released Labyrinth v0.2 "Get the Picture?" yesterday. Release announcement follows:


I'm pleased to announce the release of Labyrinth v0.2 "Get the
Picture?". This is the second in the "Out of Nothing" series of
releases, which will result (at some point) in a V1.0 release.

What is it?

Labyrinth is a mind-mapping tool for GNOME. It is written in python and
uses cairo for its drawing.

Screenshots (and a little more info) is available at its homepage:

What's new?

New Features:
* Base thought class for future thought types to derive from
* Add new document to docs describing (current) file format
* Add i18n framework. No translations yet thought
* Add Image Thought for adding images from external files
* Add image mode for adding an image
* Add Drawing Thought for simple drawings
* Add drawing mode for drawing in drawing thoughts
* Both Image and Drawing Thoughts are resizable by dragging corners / edges
* New (crappy) Labyrinth icon
* Add menu entry (shows up in Applications->Office)
* Set window icon to new Labyrinth icon in Browser and map windows
* All thought types now have slightly rounded corners
* When resizing thoughts, change the cursor to reflect this
* Links now originate at the centre of thoughts, making them look prettier

* Fix uninstalled mode
* Only allow 'Open' and 'Delete' to be used when a map is selected in Browser window
* Make removal of links work properly
* Various code cleanups (Thanks to Rogi Lemar)
* Make defs get generated properly (From Alacarte)
* Only redraw every 1/40th second when required to stop hammering X
* Draw links behind thoughts for added solidity

Other changes
Since the previous (0.1) release, Labyrinth has had some infrastructure
changes. The latest development code can now be obtained through Google
Code. To get this anonymously, issue the command:
svn checkout http://labyrinth.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ labyrinth

Issues can now be reported to the project issue tracker at:

Labyrinth has also gained its very own mailing list / Google group
(*sniff* feels like a real project) available at:
or by sending email towards

The homepage has moved to a (slightly more) permanent address at

One more URL for you, the actual Google Code homepage:

Getting this version
This version can be found on the homepage, or by clicking one of these

md5 sums:
061f4250b6cd38047f5eaf3d0b063b49 labyrinth-0.2.tar.bz2
54810b54ca4977e155d6a587b9f5a5d9 labyrinth-0.2.tar.gz

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