October 3rd, 2006

Sneak Peak at Labyrinth 0.2

A picture says 896 words
Labyrinth 0.2 - the preview

There are 2 new types of thoughts: Images and drawings. Both thoughts are resizable (though text thoughts aren't). The idea for the drawings is when you want a really simple diagram to illustrate something, but don't want to fire up the GIMP or similar. The drawing thought doesn't have much in it yet - it can only draw in the style shown, but fixing that is for another day.

Two other things you may miss: The thoughts all have nicer rounded corners (yay!) and links now behave more smoothly (even when thoughts are moved).

Images, new link style and new thought style are all in SVN and have been for a little while. I'm still working some kinks out the drawing stuff, but hopefully it'll be committed soon. Instructions for those interested in getting the latest devel stuff is here. Problems can be reported here. There is also a mailing list / Google Group here (Since I don't think I mentioned these before).

Update: The current incarnation of the drawing code is now in SVN for people to play with. Into bug fixing mode now :)
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