September 19th, 2006


It appears I'm no longer as young as I once was. I've taken off home for a week or so. The weekend just passed, I headed out into town 2 nights in a row. Back in my undergrad days, this wasn't a big deal. It appears now it is. Sunday night I managed to make it to bed at a reasonable time, but got woken at 8am by a f***ing builder carving concrete blocks next door. Add 4 hours of driving into the day (hey, its a lot for me) and I wasn't a well person last night.

Feeling somewhat better today though :) But, if anyone sees me dancing around in Moshulus in Aberdeen again, please a) stop me buying shots and b) stop me dancing like a moron. I'm not hard to spot. Look for the stupidly tall person dancing like an idiot.

Now, my cat is pestering me to feed him, so I'd best obey him before he scratches me to death. I'll save my rant on Aberdeen / busses / smoking ban / everything else for another day.