donscorgie (donscorgie) wrote,

More GUADEC goodness

* Last night's party was awesome. We had the second annual meeting of SMASHED [1] and we enjoyed some fine, fine uisge-beatha [2].
* I didn't find out who won the ice-cream DeathMatch yet. We did find a winner for the whisky, which I can't remember the name of now.
* My voice is starting to go.
* I'm sure everyone is talking about the fancy release team plan. I know I've spoken to various people and everyone seems to think it's a great idea. I'm one of them.
* All the keynotes have been amazing. In particular Matt Webb's talk yesterday was brilliant and I'm glad I managed to drag myself out of bed for it.
* There's a problem with GUADEC. I turn up, talk to lots of cool people, come up with crazy cool ideas to implement and then find I have no time to do them. I should really blog them and see if someone will do them. Or find someone to pay me to do them.

[1] For those that don't know: the Single Malt Appreciation Society for Hackers, Engineers and Developers [3]
[2] Gaelic for whisky.
[3] We changed the acronym slightly [4]
[4] Embedding footnotes should be disallowed or something [5]
[5] Actually, they're pretty awesome [6]
[6] There is no footnote 6.

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