donscorgie (donscorgie) wrote,

Explanation of absence and other stuff

Hello World! Long time, no communication. I feel like I'm back at school writing an excuse of why I've been missing class.

Anyway, last weekend was my brothers wedding. In Bled, Slovenia. Which was awesome. Not least as the locals enjoyed the whole Scottish kilt thing :) I'm sure a photo will follow at some point.

Alas, the wedding also meant a lot of heavy drinking (because, you know, Scottish and wedding). The flight back on Monday was just about the worst feeling I have ever had in my life.

This weekend, I had the amazing pleasure of attending "An evening with James Randi and friends". Which was brilliant. Every speaker was great and (through a few quirks of fate) I ended up sitting directly behind the great man himself. I've been a long time admirer of all these people, so to see them up close was a real thrill.

In between all that, it's not been to great though. Since I got back, I've been feeling somewhat ill (no, the hangover cleared. This is something new). Probably just a bug or something. On top of that, I've had some other stuff to deal with and am feeling a little burned (out) about various things. All this means I haven't even been reading email that wasn't directly addressed to me. So, if you sent me an email or expected a reply from me on some list, sorry. I will get back to it as soon as I can.

I will point you towards a couple of youtube links that are fantastic. Captain Disillusion is brilliant. And the Nostalgia Critic cracks me up.

Other than that, peace out y'all.

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