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What ever happened to...

Labyrinth? You know, that mind mapping tool I started working on, before the need to make some money took hold of me? Well, it's still going. Of late two superstars have taken control and are doing some amazingly awesome work, fixing loads of bugs and adding exciting new features.
They are Martin Schaff and Matthias Vogelgesang. As of this weekend, a new version is being prepared, with version 0.4 release candidate 3 (when I started writing this, it was RC1) being made available. In this release, there's a few new features from 0.3.
  • Translation and zooming of canvases

  • Add initial support for text attributes (bold, italics and underline). Though this isn't very good at the moment.

  • Add proper Win32 build stuff

  • Links can now have variable strength

  • Navigation of thoughts using the arrow keys

  • Menu entries are now insensitive when they're not available

  • Add foreground / background colouring for thoughts

  • Import and export maps in XML

  • Export as SVG

  • Export as PDF

  • Save configuration of the main window across instances

  • More bug fixes than you could shake a stick at

Hopefully with all this awesome work, a 0.4 release is imminent. Oh, and you can get a source tarball of 0.4 rc 3 from this link or this link (GNOME FTP). As ever, if you want to get involved, join the mailing list and jump in! Oh, and if you know Martin or Matthias, buy them beer and thank them for the work!

1. Yes, I screwed up the ftp locations on Sorry.
2. This is only a release candidate. It should not be going into distributions yet. 0.4 proper is on it's way soon.

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