donscorgie (donscorgie) wrote,

Random samples of my random life

1) Dear Lazyweb: I'm feel the need to listen to new music at work. Right now I've got a combination of Billy Talent, Rage Against the Machine, Smash Mouth and various others. From that random selection, can anyone suggest some music I might like to listen to? (It doesn't need to be new, just something new to me). Loud music is good to code to.

2) Some days I look at things that don't make sense and I say "There must be a reason for that". Other days I look at things that don't make sense and say "What the heck? What were they thinking?". Other days still I look at things that don't make sense and I say "What was I thinking?". Today is the first type.

3) Reducing yelp bugs by 100-odd is fun.

4) I've pulled a muscle in my neck, so currently I'm walking around with my head slanted to the left. It's not nice.

5) I wish all the doors in the world were ~ 10 cm taller. That way I wouldn't have to duck so much. On top of that (excuse the pun) I wish all beds were ~ 30 cm longer. I don't like cold feet.

6) My job has taught me to love 2 tools. The first is a visual debugger. The second is a visual differ.
a) Visual debugger: GNOME has Nemiver, which rocks. Except it's painfully slow to step through. And sometimes symbols go missing (compiled out, but not mentioned).
b) Visual differ: GNOME has Meld. Again, it's pretty cool, but it's missing 1 very important feature (for me) - loading a patch and showing how it would apply to something. If it had this, it would make patch review rock so much more.
[EDIT] I've spent some time discussing my problems with nemiver with the developers (who are exeedingly helpful and friendly) and the slowness comes from missing libc symbols. Installing these makes nemiver so much faster, faster than my previous visual debugging experience. Now, I am ready to take over the world with my visual debugging expertise. Just a note for future generations.

I'm done. Stay tuned for more random samples of my thoughts.
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