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My hackergotchi:
my hackergotchi
put here for everyone to see.

Anyway. My system currently has been running for 43 days. On the desktop, there are 88 items including 1 folder of what used to be there containing 44 more items. Of these, 65 are patches and 7 are pdfs. It has 4 copies of emacs open, 3 gnome-terminals with a total of 7 tabs. In addition, it has 7 epiphany windows with a total of 37 tabs, an xchat-gnome window and an Evolution window.

With all this, the memory usage is at 55% programs (~ 560Mb), 38% cached and 33% swap in use. Epiphany has been restarted 3 times to reclaim memory from Mozilla and Nautilus has been restarted once. Random bug time for nautilus: restarting it kills all hope of getting video thumbnails (they all fail) and spatial nautilus can't open more than 1 window at a time. There are 99 updates sitting in my notification area and a "restart required".

So, what's using all the memory? Top ten memory chewing apps:
1. Epiphany - 135Mb (no flash sites)
2. Evolution - 86Mb
3. Nautilus - 62Mb
4. gnome-panel - 40Mb
5. xchat-gnome - 35Mb
6. drivel (which I'm using to write this) - 25Mb
7. gnome-terminal - 22Mb
8. emacs (1) - 20Mb
9. gnome-system-monitor - 20Mb
10. emacs (2) - 20Mb

After a nice reboot, the same (long running) apps have memory of:
Evolution: 58Mb (67% of previous memory)
Nautilus: 24Mb (39% of previous memory)
gnome-panel: 21Mb (52% of previous memory)
xchat-gnome: 20Mb (57% of previous memory)
Plus, nautilus can now thumbnail all my videos and use spatial windows properly again.

What's the point in all this? Absolutely nothing. I just thought I'd document a reboot for posterity. Plus, I'm waiting for something to happen.
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