donscorgie (donscorgie) wrote,

Reading '07

Back from a weekend at The Reading Festival, which was pretty awesome. Short summary follows...

Good stuff:

  • Ash. Absolutely rocked. Forgot how great they are.

  • Nine Inch Nails. Monster.

  • Billy Talent. Never heard of him before, but my mate insisted. Glad he did.

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Always nice to hear. And for other reasons I'll not go into.

  • Kings of Leon. Not a huge fan, but fun.

  • Random people. They were getting free beer. They gave me free beer. Yay!

  • The fact I didn't break any bones this time (not even my nose), despite mosh pits abound

Bad Stuff:

  • One of my mates losing his wallet. I assume this was bad. I found it quite funny despite him mentioned his identification for his flight was in it.

  • The wonderful "Lets put all cars on one side of a river and everyone on the other". Net result: 4 hours of queues to get out. Combined with mad dash to deliver friends to airport meant Monday was fun in a "I want to a shower and then die for many hours" type way.

  • Generic unknown bruising. AKA UDI or unidentified drinking injuries.

  • People making me feel old and Irish. Everyone seemed to be there to celebrate their GCSEs and thought I was Irish. Way to make me feel old and strange [1].

  • I can no longer speak. My voice has been going all day and is now at the ragged whisper level.

I would provide photos if a) I had a camera and b) I had a time travel device to go back in time and utilise said camera over the weekend. I'm off to recover somewhat. Peace out y'all.

[1] I'm not saying Irish is bad. In fact, it can be (and often is) very good. It's just that I'm not Irish.
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